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Introducing the "JAZZ COLOURS".

Step into the dynamic realm of Romaguera's "JAZZ COLOURS"  — an artful blend where rich colours dance in rhythmic harmony, echoing the vivacious tones of jazz. Beyond the aesthetic, there lies a deeper narrative intricately woven by Romaguera, one of intrigue and suspicion, tying each piece together in a meticulously crafted tapestry.

Painted in the bohemian neighbourhood of Ruzafa in 2018, a mysterious and elegant young woman becomes the epicentre of a story intertwined with secrets and mysteries. Wearing a pamela slightly tilted over her forehead and a beige skirt that accentuates her timeless style, the young woman is leaning against the window of a bookshop, her gaze directed towards the floor, where an aged paper letter lies.

This is no ordinary letter, however. The worn paper holds within it a meticulously drawn map and a secret code, an encrypted message sent by another woman. A glimmer of intrigue and adventure is added to the story as we wonder about the contents of this encrypted message and the purpose of this detailed map. What treasure or destiny might be marked on this map? What secrets did these two women share at a time when words were carefully selected and hidden between the lines?

The work can be read in order of appearance of the paintings on the website, some of the paintings are not in the exhibition but contain sections of the story. 

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