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Spanish contemporary art.

Actualizado: 15 ago 2023

Summer Enigma: "AUGUST" by Eduardo Romaguera

The contemporary palette of art unfolds in infinite shades and colors, but sometimes it is the deliberate choice to limit itself that becomes a revolutionary act. In "AUGUST" by Eduardo Romaguera, we find ourselves in front of a piece that combines daring with introspection, and the common with the unknown.

AUGUST", despite evoking summer images full of light and color, surprises us with an inverted artichoke, rendered with almost photographic detail in shades of black and white. It is a visual paradox: while the title suggests warmth and exuberance, the choice of the artichoke and its inverted presentation invite contemplation and questioning.

Romaguera not simply reproduces the plant, but dignifies it. The artichoke inversion is not a mere visual ploy, but a representation of how what we take for granted, when viewed in a different light, can reveal unsuspected mysteries. The exclusive use of monochrome tones only intensifies this experience. Instead of the golds and blues of a typical August, we immerse ourselves in black and white, in a palette that is more reminiscent of old cinema than of the brightest month of the year.

The artist's technical skill shines through, in particular, in the meticulous attention to detail. The representation of the hairs of the artichoke fiber is a silent but powerful testimony to Romaguera's devotion to his subject and to his craft.

AUGUST" is more than a painting: it is a dialogue between the familiar and the unknown, between expectations and reality, between the brightness of summer and the shadows that even the brightest month can harbor. Through this piece, Romaguera not only celebrates nature and its beauty, but also invites us to question and reconsider our way of seeing the world.

Technical Data:

  • Title: AUGUST

  • Artist: Eduardo Romguera

  • Date created:2023

  • Technique: Hand painting

  • Dimensions:150x150x3cm

  • Current location: Cultural Center of Xátiva, Juan Francés national painting prize 2023

  • Description: Almost photographic representation in tones of black and white of an inverted artichoke, capturing minute details of the vegetable.

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