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19-29 January 2023

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from
19 to 21 h
Sundays from 12 to 14 h

Plaça de les Tretze Roses 5,
bajo 5, 46014 Valencia
(Detrás del Hospital General)

"El Cau del Roure Gallery" arises from the illusion and passion, with the idea of giving value and visibility to contemporary artistic proposals of emerging artists.

catalogo-durome.pdf (


Curator: Rafael Claver. 

"Exhibition layout and texts".

"The twelve pieces selected for this exhibition are a journey through the last decade of creation in Durome's work. During this period of time we observe a formal evolution in a creative process that cannot be separated from the influence of the places where the artist paints his pictures. In the Rue des Bons Enfants, a few steps from the port of Marseilles, in the middle of one of the most chaotic and bustling cities in the Mediterranean, most of this collection was conceived. These are paintings dominated by saturated colours, southern light and a variegated puzzle of organic forms. This line of work was interrupted when the artist left France and returned to Valencia, from where he undertook a series of trips to various cities, coinciding with the time of the pandemic. The paintings of vertical urban landscapes with denaturalised, aseptic streets, with hardly any people, correspond to this more recent period".

Other works in the series already in collections.

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