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Spanish Artist (b. 1976)



  1. Sep-Nov 2023, New Show" ,Valencia, Spain.

  2. Jan 2023, "Trails", Valencia, Spain.

  3. Jun 2022, Art faire, Valencia, Spain.

  4. Feb 2020, 2022: Poesía y Naturaleza Art Gallery, Valencia, Spain.

  5. Mar 2018:  The Harmony Show, Chelsea, New York, USA.

  6. Jan 2018: Centro del Carmen Cultura Contemporánea, Valencia, Spain.

  7. May 2017: Eurostars Hotels Gran Valencia, Grupo Hotusa. Art Department, Valencia, Spain.

  8. Dec 2014: Gallery Arps & Co. "The Rite of Spring", Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  9. Mar 2012: Gallery Cimaise, "Poems", Geneva, Switzerland.

  10. Jan 2012: Gallery Andiamo, "Au Seuil du rêve", Marseille, France.

  11. Nov 2011: Diseño al Cubo Gallery, Valencia, Spain.

  12. Oct 2011: Espacio La Mutante Gallery, Valencia, Spain.

  13. May 2011: Espacio Menosuno, "Sobradamente Instantáneo" Project, Madrid, Spain.

  14. Feb 2001: Ca Revolta, "Body and Architecture", Valencia, Spain.


  1. Aug 2023: National Painting Award Juan Francés, Casa de Cultura Xátiva, Sala de las Columnas, Spain.

  2. Aug 2023: Cipriarte Gallery, Venice, Italy.

  3. Aug 2023:  Thomson Gallery Fine Art, Switzerland.

  4. Jul 2013: Casa del Arte, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

  5. Jun 2023: ,Project Art Basel, Switzerland.

  6. Apr 2023: Project, New York, USA.

  7. Mar - May 2023: Mundo Arti, Spain.

  8. Mar - Oct 2023: Associazione Culturale Euroinnovators, JW Marriott Isola Delle Rose, Venice, Italy.

  9. Mar 2023: Art Faire Battersea (9th-12th) with "The Art Agency", London, UK.

  10. Oct 2022: El Cau del Roure Gallery, "Refugios 'Re'-Velados" Sculpture, Valencia, Spain.

  11. Jul 2021: Gaudi Gallery, Contemporary Art Fair Festiarte, Marbella, Spain.

  12. Jul 2021: The Art Agency Gallery @ Affordable Art Fair UK, London, England.

  13. Dec 2019: Art Gallery, Valencia, Spain.

  14. May 2019: "NATIONAL PAINTING AWARD GESTORES 2019", "Corresonancias".

  15. May 2019: ArtsFAD Awards 2019, Disseny Hub, Barcelona, Spain (Exhibition from 17th May to 1st Sept).

  16. Oct 2018: 5th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography, Barcelona, Spain.

  17. Jul - Sep 2018: CRACKED Collective Show, Gallery P/ART, Ibiza, Spain.

  18. Apr - Jun 2018: "NOW HERE" Gallery 4P, Ruzafa, Valencia, Spain.

  19. Mar 2016: "Festival de la Jeune Photographie Européenne" CIRCULATION(S), Animated GIFs, Poems, CENTQUATRE-PARIS, Paris, France.



  • Galleries in the USA since 2014.

  • Galleries in France since 2010 (Maison des Artistes de France).

  • Represented in various galleries across Spain.

  • Represented at international trade fairs. 

"Hybrid art" is a term that critics and art connoisseurs frequently use to describe a fusion of artistic mediums, methodologies, and technologies. At its core, hybrid art seeks to break the confines of traditional categorisations, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved when multiple forms of expression intertwine. In this dynamic realm of creativity, digital meets physical, the ancient mingles with the contemporary, and the auditory dances with the visual.

Eduardo Romaguera is an embodiment of this artistic evolution. Born in 1976, he has consistently demonstrated a passion for interweaving varied artistic disciplines. His oeuvre, as displayed on his official website, showcases a rich tapestry of mediums. From the tactile nuance of traditional painting to the immersive realms of digital art, Romaguera's work is a testament to the power and potential of hybridity in the contemporary art scene. Each piece serves as a dialogue between forms, encouraging viewers to challenge their preconceptions and engage with art on multiple sensory levels. In a world where art is constantly evolving, Eduardo Romaguera stands at the forefront, exemplifying the true essence of hybrid art.

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